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Friday, January 26, 2007


I got this meme from Cheeky Mama
Reading: The Hope Chest & The book of Ester

Music in my Head: I just visited Coffee, Teabooks, and Me-so I have that song in my head

Drinking: Just finished 1 pint of Chocolate milk (filling the need for comfort)

Wishing: That I were home

Considering: Were I'm going to get my next source of chocolate

Feeling: meloncolly

Goals: Save some money for hubby's valentine's gift or come up with something to make him

To do list: I have to make some bulk breakfasts today and clean the bathroom

Hours spent in bathtub last night: I don't take baths-I spent about 5 minutes in shower this morning

Things accomplished: Well I'm almost done with this meme

Hoping: that warmer days are ahead
Join in and pass it on!


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