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Monday, February 26, 2007

More Funerals

click on the picture for the recipe
I'm going to try this cake for a funeral dinner tomarrow, of course minus the candels. Yes, another funeral. This will make the 4th one I've been to in the last few weeks. The man was a member of our church. Something that has really amazed me is how much a person's soul makes up who they are, especially the way they look. My Grandma had tons of make-up on (she hardly ever wore make-up in life) and it was true that she looked nice (truthfully alot better than she looked just before she passed) but she definatly didn't look like my Grandma. Theres a good reason for that-that body wasn't my Grandma. The preacher that my parents got to do the service (he is a man thats been filling in here at our church while we are still without a full-time pastor) explained it this way: her body was a tent. Once my Grandma left her tent, the tent wasn't the same without her.


Happymama said...

I know what you grandmother didn't look the same either. You could tell it was her, but it didn't look like what I considered to be my grandma.

The recipe for this cake sounds good. Of course, I'm a lemon dessert fanatic. So, I'll certainly be trying this out in the near future.


Bethanie said...

I picked the recipe because it looked easy, I just wasn't up for any challenges. It turned out pretty good.

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