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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Chocolate Coated Meme

Heather's Chocolate Coated Meme
1. How do you feel about chocolate? Love it, hate it, or somewhere in between?
Love It!

2. What is your favorite ‘affordable’ chocolate fix?
Hersey's Kisses

3. What is your luxury chocolate ‘once in a blue moon’ treat?
Melano Orange & Chocolate Cookies

4. What is your favorite fruit and chocolate combination?
Chocolate goes with everything

5. What is you favorite chocolate and nut taste treat?
I'm not crazy about nuts, but I do like snickers

6. White, milk, dark or bittersweet chocolate - where do your preferences lay?
Any of the above will do

7. What is the most unusual chocolate combination you’ve sampled? Take it or leave it?
Deep Fried Snickers on a stick....Leave it!

8. Do you have any fond chocolate covered childhood memories?
Easter morning and Chocolate bunnies

9. Have you ever been party to a chocolate covered disaster?
A couple monthes back I tried some muffins that had chocolate chips on top. When I remove muffins from the pan I dump them over. The muffins went everywhere and the melted chocolate tops made a terrible mess.

10. Do you have any chocolate stain removal tips?
No, I'm not real handy at stains.

11. What is your favorite chocolate sauce?
Chocolate syrup-makes great chocolate milk

12. Favorite chocolate kissed ice cream flavor?
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

13. How do you make hot chocolate a real treat?
I've added Hersey's bar to it before.

14. What is your favorite brand of chocolate chips?
Nestle, but usually I use the cheap brand

15. Do you nibble chocolate chips before they reach the cookie dough?
No (while nodding my head)

16. Brownies! Fudgy or Cake-y, which do you choose?
All 3 please

17. Care to share a favorite chocolate recipe? We’ll follow a link if you like!
Moist Chocolate Cake

18. Do you own a 'Chocolate Fountain'?
No, but my husband keeps stopping in front of it at the store.

19. In your opinion, is there any time to avoid chocolate?
For me- during lent, and when I feel a cold or allergies coming on-chocolate agrivates it

20. What is the nicest ‘gift of chocolate’ you have ever received?
Hubby always gets me twix for my Christmas stocking.

21. Have you thanked God for making the cacao bean lately, and giving you taste buds to enjoy all of the wonderful things that can be made with it?
Not lately, but this is a good reminder to do so.


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