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Friday, March 30, 2007

Hair part3-its done

When my husband got home yestarday I brought him the scissors and said, "Cut me". He was a little nervous and kept asking me, "Are you sure". "Yes, yes I'm sure". So, he started cutting. The first cut across wasn't quit enough. He went up a little higher and made one more trip across, evened it out, and it was over. He was pretty pleased with himself, feeling that he hadn't cut off too much. I was thrilled because it felt so much litter and bouncier. It looks as good as if I'ld went to my old stylist, only its not too short and it was free. Today I'm wearing it in a high pony tail- which I haven't been able to do for monthes.
I'm glad its over.
Thanks "myfriendconnie" for your concern. I guess you could tell I was desperate. I had felt like I had created a monster and I wasn't sure how to destroy it. I look and feel much better now.



It is always so tramatic even when we cut any of our hair off. I have given my husband many a hair cut but would probably not consider letting him cut mine. I saw him cut his brothers once. To say the least it was BAD. It finally grew out but he never let my husband touch it again. lol. connie from Texas

Heather said...

This is so funny. I have been cutting my own (and my families) for years--partly because I am cheap but aso because I can't find a god hairdresser. Just a half hour ago I cut my hair to almost exactly the style of the picture below--I like it angled so it defines my chin line. :)

Anyway, I came here from Fruit in Season but thought this was too funny to pass up (my hubby won't touch my hair. He loves when I cut it and points out the uneven bits for me, but he won't get near it with scissors--kudos to your husband.

Bethanie said...

I know a couple of ladies who cut their own hair and some that cut their family's hair, but growing up that sort of thing was unheard of in our house. So it was very scary for me.

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