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Monday, March 19, 2007

I'm Back!

What a nice little rest we had from our usual schedule. I was able to get caught up on my cleaning. I've felt behind every since I was sick. I had a decent visit with my relatives. Hubby's Birthday was Thursday. He turned 28 years old. Every year he gets closer to 30, its a little scary for me. He keeps taking me with him....LOL!
I'm itching for spring. Yestarday was beautiful- but today is dreary and rainy. I was hopeing to get a walk in today, but at this rate it doesn't look likely.
I'm also dreaming of taking a trip soon. We love to travel. I've been looking at Niagra Falls or maybe somewhere along the Suwannee River which is in Georgia & Florida.
My sister-in-law's appt. was rescheduled for next Friday. Shes probably 8 weeks along and still has yet to see a doctor. She has been feeling a little sick, but I'ld be worried if she wasn't. She says she'll feel better about buying things once she passes the 12 week mark. We are a little intrigged by the fact that she seems to already be showing some. Could it be multipules?! Only time will tell.
I'm determined to get back into reading. However much I would like to be outside soaking in the sun (when its out), I know I need to keep my mind sharp. Tomarrow I'm going to post my reading list goal for the summer. I'm not really a fast reader, but maybe once I get started I'll get faster. Also, I'm going to get started on my lamb I have 2 to make.


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