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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Amoung The Amish

This weekend we spent some time amoung the Amish folk. There is an Amish community in Arthur Illionis, which is several hours north of us. My husband is especially interested in their way of life. I think both of us at different times have thought about what it would be like if we had been born Amish. They have such peaceful lives, that is while the world isn't interfering. From the begining the girls are taught that they will be wives and mothers when they grow up. Their parents don't push them to have "higher education" and big money making careers. They know exactly what expected of them.
There is a restuarant that serves Amish food in that area, well there are several, but the one we like has the best Shoo Fly Pie. Looking at the menu I wonder how they stay soo thin with all those carbs and fatty foods. But, then they work for a living-they work hard! Nearly everything they have they make for themselves. They have to work because they don't have the luxuries that we think we can't live without. We think these luxuries like dish washing machines and laundry machines make our lives easier. However, I see a downfall. Because we don't work as hard as they do, we don't get as much natural excersise. We have to go out of our way to take a walk or do aerobics etc.
My husband and I have noticed a few extra pounds on ourselves lately, more me than him. A word on my behalf-I've been in mourning. Anyway, so we are trying to eat more veggies and walk everyday the weather allows. Lately I'm wondering what I could do to make some harder work for myself so I could get some natural excersise. I could stand at the sink and wash my dishes by hand, I could line dry my clothes that might mean a few more steps in my day.
I don't know...what do you think? Is there something that you could do to make things harder on yourself? I know that sounds funny, but I think as Americans we've been tricked into thinking that that is a good thing when maybe it isn't.



I know growing up, we were all ways busy. Planting a field or harvesting a crop. Cows to feed and milk, hogs to feed, chickens to feed and egges to gather,animals to feed and water. For a long time we brough water in from an outside well then a pump. Washed our closthes by hand and hung them on an outside line to dry. Ironed everything we wore and that we slept on. Canned our vegetables, slaughter our beef and pork, killed our chickens, it was a very busy life but a great one. We were tired when we went to bed, had no need for sleeping pills to put us to sleep. connie fromTexas

Brandy said...

Trips to the clothesling make lots more steps for me, especially in the Spring winds when clothes like to blow off. ;-)

I do have a job outside my home and work downtown. When I have to go to the post office or another place, I try to walk since it's usually only a few blocks and my schedule isn't very pressing.

Gardening makes lots of extra work and healthy foods. Hmmm. . .I'm interested to hear others' ideas, too.

Bethanie said...

Connie, that sounds like a great life.
Brandy, I wish I could garden. We have no yard except our backyard and the dogs wouldn't allow it.

Mommy said...

Hello, I found your blog through Riverbend Ramblings. I enjoyed reading a few of your entrys.
I also have a fasination for the Amish. But after reading Beverely Lewis' novels I am glad I wasn't born Amish, because they don't believe in Salvation by Grace alone through Faith alone. It is hard to come out of "religion" so to speak. Especially if it is a "good" one, lol!
So, I just admire their practical life lessons but when it comes to "religion" I am thankful that I wasn't born an Amish woman.
I am glad for the Grace of God, and Glad that we can have a personal relationship with Christ without all the man made rules that the Amish Church imposes upon its people.
Anyway, sorry for getting carried away with my little blurb about the Amish. There was once a time that I had vowed to myself I would marry someone plain, lol!
I do agree that they can cook like no other! :)

Christine said...

I have always been fascinated and a bit envious of the Amish lifestyle. I feel overwhelmed by the day to day stresses of modern life and would love to step into their world to experience peace. I loved reading about your experience.

Bethanie said...

Thanks for your comment.

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