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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Giving Thanks

Say Hello to my little friend!
We purchased this a few weeks ago. We don't have carpet anymore (except in the spare bedroom) so there was no need to buy another vaccum when my old one quit. I've always wanted a Dust Buster. My mom never had one, and I always thought they were neat. I'm really enjoying mine.



I can tell you are very young. For me to have to vaccum even one floor with a little thing like that, I am sorry at my age that is known as an impossibility. lol. Be thankful you are young and in good health sometimes it is a blessing we don't fully realize until we have it no more. God bless you, connie from Texas

Bethanie said...

I'm 25. But, today I don't feel very young. The weather has turned cold again all of the sudden and an old injury is acting up. I could barely stand to hobbel around the house to help my husband earlier. Yet, two tylonal got me to work this morning.

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