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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I was so pleased and excited this morning when I logged on and discovered 7 comments to moderate. To add further to my elation, non of them were negative. All were published.
Theres a rumor that we have bad weather coming. I say rumor because you never know if the metoroligist knows for sure or not. Anyway, I made sure there was a clean spot for me in the closet this morning before I left for work. I'm hopeing to get home before it gets bad. Here, in my office, there really isn't a good place to go if I needed to. I guess I would just get under my desk. I remember doing that in school. We would have Tornado drills and we would either get under our desks (if they were sterdy) or we would line up against a wall and get into the fetal position. My mom tells that when she was a kid they would have bomb drills. Even when I was a kid I knew that it was nonsense. You can't hide from radiation by setting under a desk. But, I guess they didn't know much about the atom bomb then, just that it might be coming. We still have bomb shelters in the area. They use them as community Tornado shelters now.
We are talking about camping this weekend. It takes a lot of organizing and preperation to get ready for camping. It makes me tired just thinking about it. But, its a lot of fun.


Mary said...

Did you get to go camping??

We got snow! Amazing...and beautiful, but definitely not spring-like!

Bethanie said...

No, it was just too cold. We got some snow Friday too. It didn't stick though.

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