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Monday, April 23, 2007

My Weekend In A Nutshell

  1. I learned that Baptists don't like sermons on Divorce.
  2. I learned that it is easier to buy a wedding present for a couple when you know they aren't living together before their married.
  3. I learned that my doctor doesn't have a sense of humor.
  4. I learned that watching a child grow up makes you feel old.
  5. I learned that my husband is "buff".


Mary said...

Ha, totally agree with #'s 2 and 4...
Now, are you Baptist?
And that's a nice thing to learn about one's hubby, right?

Bethanie said...

We are members of a Southern Baptist church. Its the church I grew up in and also the one I work in. However, I would never want to be considered a baptist, especially with whats been going on around here lately.
Yes a very nice thing indeed.

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