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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


This is the grave of my husband's friend. Brian was a guy that hubby worked with. About the time we found out about my infertility, hubby started hanging out with him. I think he was someone that hubby could talk to when he and I couldn't communicate about that.
Brian got my husband interested in derbys. They only knew each other for a little over a year, when Brian got into a car accident and died. Brian was on his way home from his brother's house early one morning (he and hubby worked 3rds so we all lived at night). He took a country short cut. It was dark and foggy. Brian came to a T road, but couldn't see that the road didn't go on. He start across and the ditch between the road and the field was deep. He sustained internal bleeding. It was many hours before anyone came across him. He could've slowly died, knowing it all the time. But, he had my husband tow bar in the back seat. In the force of the crash, the bar flew up and hit him in the back of the head. Most likely knocking him out for the duration of his time.
The next morning, it was a Sunday, Brian's wife called and told us the shocking news. My husband had just talked to him on the phone the day before. It gives me chills even now, he and Brian had been hanging out even more because of the derbys and hubby could've easily been with him. It was all very strange. When someone dies suddenly, you never really get used to it. Plus, Brian was mad at God. Hubby had tried to talk to him about God several times, and Brian claimed that he didn't believe in Him. However, at the funeral the preacher said that he had once been Brian's youth leader, and that he had led him to Christ when Brian was a teenager. Hubby and I had no idea. You know how sometimes preachers say nice things at funerals even if there not true. I really felt though that this guy new what he was talking about. I believe Brian had "back slidden". Our pastor at the time told me that if God can't seem to draw His child back to Him on earth then He takes him back in Heaven.


Sharon said...

How sad.
But what great news from that pastor.
I know this had to be hard. It is great when our husbands find good friends. I hope God has sent him someone else since then.
I am sure you were a great support to him.

Jen in MS said...

Thanks for sharing the touching story about Brian. I can't imagine how hard that must have been on you and your hubby!

Your new blog look is beautiful!

Have a blessed day!

Bethanie said...

Sharon, my hubby has a very best friend that he's been friends with since grade school. At the time he started hanging out with Brian, his best friend had moved away. Not long after Brian's passing, his friend moved back.
Jen, Thanks!

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