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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Weekend In A Nutshell

I had a long weekend. Friday we camped with my mother. Saturday we went to a local festival with my parents. We saw a revolutionary war reenactment, many little colonial shops. I bought some homemade soap and a scrap rug. My grandma used to make those rugs and thankfully my husband let me buy one. Sunday we bought some silk flowers a I made grave bouquets. It took us all day to go to all the graves, but we enjoyed the day very much. Going over memories of our loves ones and we had a picnic. Monday I was off "work", but I worked all day on our home. I cleaned and scrubbed. Made dinner (roast and veggies) in the crock pot. I made french bread. I worked on crafts. It was a very good weekend!


Mary said...

Those are the best of days, getting the house sparkling, baking, setting your new rug out...which is beautiful btw! I have a thing for braided rugs also...ours is many shades of blue and VERY old...needs replaced! Glad you liked the french bread! ;O)

I love your new's so dainty and restful. I'm going to promote the apron giveaway also, wow! Thanks for the head's up about it!

Hope both your grandparents are home and feeling better by now!

Bethanie said...

the rug looks alot like one that my Grandma (the one that passed away in Jan.) made and I came all apart right there at the counter. My hubby is so great, he knew I needed it.
Thanks, blogger just added an easy way to make your own header so I had to get it.
Both grandparents are home and seeing a specialist next week.

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