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Friday, May 11, 2007

Repost: Garage Sale Rules

I'm having a garage sale tomarrow!
Garage Sale Rules
1. Be organized.
2. Set a date and time, stick to it.
3. Pick a location that will accomidate the weather.
4. Advertise well.
5. Put up detailed, colorful signs all over town.
6. Put out several tables.
7. Label everything. People like to beable to tell the price without having to ask.
8. Put out a variety of items. Baby stuff always sells good. You'ld be suprised the kind of junk someone will buy.
9. You can try to get away with stains, holes, or tagless clothes....but the pros will catch it and may even point it out to you infront of the whole crowd of buyers. "Hey look at this lady trying to sell us her garbage."
10. Don't let anyone buy anything until the time advertised. They can look and wait in anticipation. The longer they wait the better your junk is gonna look.
11. Be reasonable on prices. If you have a lot of stuff priced at $1.00 - at the end of the day you've got a lot of dollars. But don't under price either. Especially appliances. A buyer will want to know whats wrong with it. Also you don't want to give the appearance that you are just trying to get rid of stuff. The pros know each other. They talk. If one knows of a sale that is giving things away they will all end up walking off with your valuable stuff for almost nothing.
12. Be negotionable. This is part of the reason why some go garage saleing. They like to haggle. Give them a challenge. But be firm on your bottom dollar. If its a good item and a reasonable price - they'll buy it. They probably would've paid what you had on it to begin with.
13. Put up a big sign where everyone can see: "No Smoking around merchandise! No exceptions!" Put up another sign: "Please control your children! They break it your buying it!" (Perhaps you could be a little more delicate, but you get the idea)
14. Consider start money. Have different bills and coins. $20-30 is a good start.
15. Once the stuff is out-it stays out. Don't bring it back in your house. You need to purge to make room for new. Load up whatevers left and take it to a consingment store.
16. If your joining a friend or family member in their garage sale be there to sell your own stuff. Bring some food or drinks. Help clean up afterwards.
17. Set your stuff out neatly with your best stuff in plain view and up front.
18. Control your own children. Give them a job and keep them out of the buyer's way. So many times I've wanted to say,"Please get this weird sticky fingered child away from me".
19. Encourage your husband to let you price his things. He will think it's worth its weight in gold. It'll never sell.
20. Half way through the day its always a good idea to take everything down in price. Buyers have been out all morning. They're hot, tierd, and most likely getting low on funds. A bag sale is a good idea. Whatever they can fit in a bag for $5.00 Oh, its always a good idea to have bags available for their purchases anyway.
21. If your having your sale on your lawn, and you let your dog or cat do it's business on the lawn.... clean the mess up! People don't want to walk away with messy shoes and they don't want to have to skip and hop over the messes. Be considerate.


Sharon said...

Good luck! My first and the last was a dud.

Bethanie said...

Ours wasn't too productive either.

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