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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Great Danes

click on the pic. to learn more about Great Danes
Would you ever imagine that there was a dog out there that gets this big?! I mentioned this week that we visited with a Great Dane puppy at a pet store last weekend. She was very very cute, but very expensive. Like I-could've-bought-three-computers expensive. But, my husband has been talking about getting one of these dogs for years. We discovered that there was a breeder near by and went to see what she had last night. Several of the puppies had the same coloring as the one above, and the rest were black. However, they didn't look healthy and they weren't as big as the puppy from the pet store; yet she claimed that they were about the same age. The parents were in the pen next door. You seriously cannot prepare yourself for their size. I slowly stepped up to the bars and realized that those dogs looked me in the eye, and they were still on all fours! To tell you the truth I was freaking out inside. Hubby was having a blast with the litte ones and I just kept thinking, "They'll get HUGE!". I kept my mouth shut the best I could. We left after hubby asked the lady to hold a black female for us and he would call her in 24 hours with our decsion. Yes, those puppies were cute and they were less expensive than the pet store puppy. I just kept repeating that over and over to myself. Then the question came,"So, what did you think?". Oh, I wished he hadn't asked me. I didn't know weither to be honest or make him happy. But, then I remembered that I should be honest but have a good attitude about my feelings (Thanks Terri). So I expressed my apprehension about their size and my observations concerning the condition of the puppies. He took my opinion with consideration. In the end I believe the final word was that we were not interested in those puppies right now. Hubby said he still wants one, and I never doubted it. But, he felt that we should waite until our old man dies (not that we are looking forward to his passing, but hes old) and that maybe we should look for a Dane mix bread from a shelter. I thought that was a great idea and breathed a sigh of relief.


Mary said...

Wow, you handled that well, Bethanie! What a HUGE dog!!! Yikes!

But, just think, if you go with the purebred, you could make some good money raising pups! Lots of times you can breed to a male dog owned by someone else and work out a deal where they get pick of the litter. We have done this...

Our litters of pups (border collies) always pay for their food and vet bills with a bit left over.


Anna S said...

Oh wow. They ARE huge. I don't think I'd ever dare to handle something THAT big :)

Bethanie said...

Mary-Hubby keeps talking about that, but I kind of feel weird about it. Like we would be pimping her out or something.
Anna-I know, right.

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