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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Father's Day

Don't forget Father's Day is Sunday!
I've been thinking about Father's Day, for the obvious reason I stated above. That makes me think of my father. I have talked very little of my father on my blog. All of my childhood he was a truck driver. He left on Sunday evening and usually made it home on Saturday. I used to think I was angry at him. He missed out on a lot of those things that you don't get back. Ball games, plays, etc. At some point early in my marriage I realized that I should be greatful that he was willing to work so hard to provide for me. Having a husband that works hard helped. But, also I realized that I felt sorry for him more than angry at him. Sorry because he missed out on so much. Sorry that he had to spend so much time away from us to make a living. And also one last emotion- Pride. I'm proud of him that he did what he had to do for his family.
My father is what Debbi Pearl would call a Mr. Steady. My husband is mostly a Mr. Visionary, but thats for another post; or maybe you picked up on that while reading about our Great Dane vision. Anyway, he is always the same. He gets on a kick about a certain food, like for example bologna, and he will eat it every day until the next kick comes. Right now he is really into yogurt covered pretezels and pop tarts. He is gentle. He is soft spoken, but he also has a temper. Mostly he's hard on himself. Like if he accidently drops a glass he will stomp around and mumble under his breath about what a clutz he is or something like that. If I were to drop a glass he would insist that I stand perfectly still while he carefully picked up the pieces and made sure I was safe. He really likes my husband. He treats him as good as he does my brother, and I'm very greatful for that.
My dad isn't in the truck anymore, he now works in the warehouse and he's home everyday. For the past couple of years he and I have started to get to know each other. When your a kid, your parents are kind of like not real people or something. Being around my mother so much I grew to know her when I was a teenager. But my dad, our relationship has just started. I always knew he loved me, but now I can honestly say that I love him.
More on my dad tomarrow....


Anna S said...

Bethanie, your father does sound like a good, responsible man. Someone you could trust.

I would feel so blessed to just have a father - any father - even if I didn't see him every day. Just knowing he's there and that he cares for me would have made all the difference in the world.

Bethanie said...

Anna- You do have a Father who's there for you every day, and cares. Please don't forget your Heavenly Father Who can even take on all your problems and expectations.
I see what you mean though. I should have been more greatful just to have him in my life. Hopefully I'm making up for that now.

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