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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Grills, Flowers, & Thirsty Turtles

Here's what my husband's new grill looks like. The picture is taken from the walmart website.
It took us almost an hour to put it together, but it was fun.
Here's the flowers I planted Monday. Just in time too. Boy, did it rain.
And here's a bonus. The picture isn't great but I hope you can see Sammy and the rain.

Usually sammy will get out of the rain. At first I thought she must have just got caught by the storm. But, she never made a move to shelter. Then one time she actually stuck her head up and opened her mouth to get a drink.
I believe the caption should read, "You know its been dry and hot when a desert tortious is enjoying the rain".
Maybe you notice the brown patches in the yard. This was our first rain in weeks.


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