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Friday, June 22, 2007

Husband Challenge

If you haven't jumped on the wagon with this challenge, then get on over there and see what you can do about that.
I have an announcement to make. Excuse me..... Over here! Do I have your attentions?! Ok. Here's the facts: Starting next week I'm only going to be working two days a week (Tuesday and Thursday). This is a major blessing to me. I'll have 3 whole days at home. My mind is spinning with the list of things I want to start cleaning. I mean deep cleaning. Thats something I haven't really been able to do since I started working again over 3 years ago. But, if you've visited me more than once you'll know that I do my blogging at work. My sweet husband, understanding my addiction to blogging, is signing us up for Internet service today. But, it could take weeks for them to come and hook us up. So, I'm not going to be able to blog often. I'm going to as much as I can the two days I'll be in the office. But, because I'll only have two days, I'll be pretty busy with work. Next week I'll probably only have time to check in. Those of you who visit me often, or lurk often (don't worry lurking is totally allowed in my world) please don't forget I'm over here. I'll be back to my usual blogging pace soon.


Brandy said...

Congratulations! I'm sure you'll be feeling much more at peace now. Lucky you, with your internet too! I won't forget about you.

Rebecca said...

Hi Bethanie! I just wanted to pop over here from MInTheGap to meet you and introduce myself. I'm the Rebecca MIn was talking about. There are alot of ladies in your stage of life who hang out and talk about what to wear at my blog.

Please feel free to contact me. :)

So nice to meet you; your blog is lovely.

Anna S said...

Wonderful news, Bethanie. You're going to have more time at home. Great!

Terri said...

Oh, Bethanie! What a blessing! I'm so happy for you!

Mary said...

I thought I'd commented on this post! Don't see it here though, so it must not have posted!

I'm SO happy for you! Jumping up and down happy. Wish we lived closer, I'd love to come see your home sweet home.

Will stay tuned, believe me!

Bethanie said...

Thanks for everyone support!

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