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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Oh, where to begin.....

Finally, I'm here. I've been having such a good time being a house wife. But, I was also missing blog land. All last week the internet was down here at work. A storm last Tuesday morning caused lightening to hit the tower. Since all their workers were focused on the tower, there was noone to come to our house to hook us up. Not that there was anything to hook us to. My fingers have been itching to type. Looking around- I see I'm so far behind on things that it would take me ions to catch up. So, I'm not going to try very hard. This will probably be my post for the week. Thursday I'll do some commenting and visiting at other blogs. Today I have to do some research on Aspen, Co. for my husband. We maybe going there as early as next month.


Mrs. U said...

Hi Bethanie!!
I did receive the notecards!! Thank you SO very much! They are even prettier in person than they were in the picture on your blog!

Thank you so very much!

Mrs. U

Mary said...

Hey, glad to hear you're having a grand time! Twill be nice for us when you get internet, true!

Getting to go to Aspen? Wow, are you camping? :O)

Couldn't resist asking, I know you camp from time to time!

Leigha said...

Hi Bethanie,
I found your blog through Crystal's...just wanted to let you know I like your blog. Come check out mine sometime!

Bethanie said...

Mary, we WERE going to aspen-it seems through my research that you have to be a millionair to go there. No, we wasn't camping this time.
Leigha, thanks for your visit.

Jen in MS said...

Oh and I hate when my internet access is gone!! Glad you're back up!

Aspen....sounds like fun!!

Have a great week!

Mary said...

Well, maybe your hubby will win the derby? Then you can go somewhere...maybe Aspen? :O) I have heard it's expensive.

Don't quit blogging! I'm sad you won't have home access, but don't forget the library! And you're taking it so well, I'm proud of you.

Glad you're going to try to blog when able. I'm all caught up on reading your posts now!

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