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Monday, June 18, 2007

Marriage Monday (30dayhusbandchallenge)

The Honor Your Husband 30 Day Challenge

Is Here!

"Throughout each day, put aside negative words and bring good to your husband by words and actions. Notice things he does for you and your family and show your appreciation. Compliment him. Speak well of him in public, both in his presence and when he is not with you. Give him the opportunity to be your hero and praise his masculinity. Tell your children (if you have them) how wonderful their daddy is. Accept his decisions with grace and really support them, even if you don't fully agree. If you have a disagreement, show respect by maintaining a pleasant tone of voice and eye contact. Serve him first at the dinner table. Don't be insincere, but surprise him by withholding a typical negative reaction in favor of a God-honoring one.

Choose a few small goals for yourself each week and make sure to post them. Write them on post-its and put them on your mirror, in your car and your purse, or anywhere else you'll see them. Keep a journal for the month about successes and struggles. What is hardest for you to do? What comes easily? How is your husband responding to your efforts?"

My goals for week 1:

  • Take extra time each morning to make myself look better for my husband.

  • Start a habit of praying for my husband each morning as he's heading out the door.

  • Ask him every day if he sees something I need to do; then do it.


Christine said...

Ooooh, that one about making yourself look good for your hubby is an ouchie for me! I've let myself go a bit! I should put this one on my next goal list! Thanks for jumping in on this!

Melanie said...

I'm in on this challenge too.
Glad to see all who are joining.
You have some great goals!

Munchkin Land said...

Oh, yes, the taking time to make yourself presentable goal. I'm currently working on that one too! I know God is going to bless us for being obedient to Him during this challenge. Best of luck to you!!

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