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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I came in to work this morning- I was going to log on and say goodbye. Yestarday my husband and I agreed that we should waite on getting the internet. For one thing we can't seem to get the guy to come and hook us up, which has given hubby enough time to decide we don't need the extra bill every month right now. With only two days to blog (here at work), I figured I might as well shut 'er down. But, I got a comment from Leigha introducing herself and I realized that I'm still at it. So, I'm going to try and keep my blog going. I'm not sure how good it will be. I'm not sure how much time I'll actually have to spend on it. I'm not sure of anything. But, I was newly inspired this morning and hopefully everything will turn out.
Sunday I broke down and created somewhat of a home managment binder. I always figured I didn't have much need for it, but now that I'm managing my home on more of a daily basis I found myself desiring one. Its probably very crude and simple compared to some of yours. But, I think it suites my current needs right now anyway. I had a pink binder. I filled it up with: recipes to try, addresses, menu/grocery notebook, modesty check list. Then I have a section for managing my husband that includes the area fair dates and derby rules. His first derby of the year is Saturday. I'm praying that he wins, we could use the $2,000. I mean, who couldn't. Plus, you know how much your man wants to be good at what he does. It is just a hobby, but its a perk that there are winnings. He would do it even if there wasn't I expect.
Our trip to Aspen has already been reconsidered. It turns out that you have to be pretty wealthy to go there.
I started this more than an hour ago and it looks like I'm going to be busy the rest of my time here at work. So, I guess I'll end this post.


Leigha said...

Don't get discouraged about not having internet access right husband and I didn't have it for the past whole year because our budget was tight and we just made do by going to the library to use free internet whenever we needed to. :) And don't quit blogging!! Even if you can't post all the time, it'll just make your postings all the more worthwhile to look forward to.

Brandy said...

Oh Bethanie, I'll be praying your life settles down soon and that you'll have a wonderful vacation, wherever it is. :-)

Bethanie said...

Thanks ladies for your encouragement.

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