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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sandwiches part2

Its still hotter than who wouldn't have it: something else we say.
Now where was I....oh yes I was confessing my purchase of FROZEN DINNERS! Sorry it makes me giggle.
We've had sandwiches every which a way. We've had bologna, ham, turkey, cheese, "ham" salade(made with bologna), and tuna salade. To make the salade sandwiches I simply mix together the meat, mayo, and relish, pepper to taste. For the "ham" salade I added cheese. With every sandwich goes tomato slices and lettuce fresh from the garden. One night we also had salades with chicken strips. The chicken was the kind you buy in the bag and microwave what you need. Tonight I think we are having egg salade in pita pouches (a little change from regular bread). Tomarrow maybe another salade with chicken and Thursday we'll probably finish off the dinners. Now, for the next two weeks I've got to come up with more ideas. Hubby isn't going to put up with sandwiches much longer. It has been a nice change from the hearty meals I usually make.
About the flour in the freezer. I've been putting this off, but it needs to come out just in case you thought I had this homemaker thing down. It all started um... two shopping trips ago. I almost always buy flour when I go shopping because I use alot of it. My husband picked up the bag from the cart to scan it at one of those "do it yourself" scanners and noticed a hole in the bag. Please imagine if you will a chain store on a Saturday morning. So full you can't stir 'um with a stick. I was already fed up with the crowd. So, I said that I had probably punched the hole in myself when I picked it from the shelf and neither of us felt like going back for a different bag. The next day we decided to make some pancakes ( We make big batches and freeze them for hubby to take to work for his breakfast break) and hubby brought down an already opened bag of flour. The bag I had bought the day before was sitting next to it. Well, a roach climbed out of the opened bag. Talk about coming apart. I've put up with a lot of different pests since keeping my own home, but this was the worst to discover. We spent most of the day cleaning and throwing things out. All of the flour that I had in my cabinets had to be trashed. The wheat, the cake, the bread. Ladies learn from my mistake. Do Not hoard flour. It makes me feel dizzy even now thinking of all that lovely flour in the garbage. Anyway, we didn't see anymore bugs. However, I kept repeating to myself, "Theres no such thing as one roach". The next day I bought another bag of flour from a small store and put it in the freezer. We still aren't keeping anything opened in the cabinets and I'm still keeping an eye out. But, its been several weeks and theres been no sign of any other bugs. And since I haven't been baking that flour is still in the freezer. The bag with the hole in it had to have been the problem. Knock on wood.


Mary said...

Mmm! Can I come over for some sandwiches? Your mixed meat salad ones sound like some my grandma used to make each Saturday eat while watching Wheel of Fortune. Delicious.

Oh man, roaches! I grew up in TX where the things are way too long and crunchy sounding. I didn't think we had any in our state, but my mil's brother brought back a box of videos he'd borrowed and she saw a roach in the box. You're right, that there is never just one. She took the box outside immediately, and picked up a was FULL of roaches. She could see them in the little window-thingie. She burned the whole box of videos!

Make sure you get some roach motels or something before they get more visible!

Bethanie said...

Anytime! I try to catch wheel of fortune sometimes to keep my mind sharp.
Yuck, your roach story gave me the willies. Well, hubby said if we saw anymore we would bug bomb. So far there really has been just one.

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