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Thursday, August 16, 2007


Let me tell you what.....its been hotter than all get out around here!
thats how we talk here.
Seriously, it has been terribly hot. Our lawn is brown, the dirt is sandy, and its even been too hot for our desert tortious. I have to water my flowers everyday, which may sound normal, but it isn't normal here. My oven hasn't been on for almost two weeks, and believe me I should've stopped using it way before that. One day my husband came in, drenched to the bone with swet, and asked for a "cold dinner". You have to know that I paniced. I had no idea what that ment. We ended up going out. The next shopping trip I was determined to buy things that did not require turning on the stove. I bought all the different kinds of lunch meat. Bread was on sale. Yes.... I bought bread. My flour has been in the freezer for reasons I'll discuss another time, and you can't expect yeast to do its thing in cold flour. Now that you've gotten over the shock of boughten' bread, Prepare yourself for the big one...... FROZEN DINNERS! There I said it. All I'm going to say is, theres a reason God invented microwave ovens and thats what you put in them.
Well, I've been side tracked at this momment. My mother just called and said my sister-in-law is in the hospital with contractions and bleeding. If you'll scroll down to the bottom of my blog you'll see on the ticker that she still has more than two months to go. Please pray for her, the baby, and my family. Of course the best thing would be that it all stops and she can hold her in for the rest of her time and everyone is alright. The worst case scenerio is that she looses the baby. Honestly, I'm not sure any of us could handle that.
I think I'm done blogging today.
Update: Everybody survived the excitement. The contractions and bleeding have stopped. Hopefully, everything is back to normal and on schedule. According to the monitors the baby wasn't in any danger. Thanks for your prayers!
Now back to our regularly scheduled programing.....


Mrs. Brigham said...

Your dear SIL and her baby will be in my prayers. God bless you all.

Happymama said...

I'm interested in hearing more about putting your flour in the freezer.

On more serious note, I will difinitely be praying for your sister in law and their little wee one.


Jen in MS said...

Hey Bethanie,
I just wanted you to know that I'll be praying for your sister-in-law and the baby. I know that must be so scary.
Keep us posted.

Mary said...

How is your sister in law? Praying all is well, that's so scary.

Great beginning to your post, I hope you continue it when you can! My hubby occasionally likes cold suppers in the summer too. We like taco salad, or tacos...and Sub sandwiches always go over great!

I keep my whole wheat flour in the freezer, and heat it in the oven a bit (in a metal 9x13pan) before using. Which won't work for you as you're trying to keep the oven off!

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