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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Zucchini Bars w/ Brown Butter Frosting

Click the pic. for the recipe by bettycrocker
I tried this recipe yestarday and it was another zucchini success. The frosting is really what makes it great. But, the bar itself is moist with a mild flavor. My sister-in-law's father gave us a hug zucchini a couple of weeks ago and I'm still using it. I also tried a cheese & zucchini bread but it was a mess. My husband's favorite zucchini dish is fried zucchini. Its not healthy, as most fried things aren't, so I don't make it very often. Here's what I do:
I slice the zucchini's pretty thin, but thick enough to hold up to being dipped. Peel on. I put some flour in a sandwich bag (how much depends on how many slices your doing) and a couple of spoons of cornmeal. Salt and pepper. Mix. I dip the slices in egg, then coat in the flour mixture. I use a large pot with hot oil and deep fry until they are browned and soft. I didn't like fried zucchini when I was a kid, but my brother did and my Grandma would make it all summer. So I can also tell by the smell when they are done. Though, she pan fries hers.
This week is VBS and I was told I had to be at work everyday. Also, the church has called a man to do a trial sermon this Sunday. If the church votes him in, then I imagine I'll have to go back to working every day all the time. My only chance to remain at home is if my husband has decided I'm more useful there. I've been reluctant to bring it up. Right now I just want to be the biggest help to my husband, which ever job that is.


Mary said...

Your bars sound yummy. Holly at Seeking Faithfulness posted a good recipe for zucchini quiche. I've got one similar that I mentioned in is sooo good. Lots of cheese and really simple. I'll try to post it sometime soon, this would be a great time of year to get it out there!

Always glad to see when you've been blogging again! Hope the Blueberry recipe turns into a family favorite for you guys. We have it every Christmas morning.

Praying for you as you bob back and forth from work to work. Hugs,

Bethanie said...

Thanks Mary.

Leigha said...

these sound good..I've never cooked with zucchini before (I've never even bought it at the store) but I might have to try these soon. Thanks for the recipe!

Bethanie said...

Leigha, store bought zucchini is fine; but fresh from the garden is better if you have a produce vendor or farmer's market near by. The zucchini will stay fresh longer and its just better.

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