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Thursday, October 25, 2007

leaves are changing......

finally! We went on a drive through the country yestarday and it finally looks like fall. Today it for sure feels like fall too.
I finally made it through my blog roll today. Yet again I'm all caught up on whats going on with everyone. I've been busy at work with the new preacher. Its nice to be busy. I've been really enjoying my days at home even more all the time. I'm really charishing them... and hoping that I get to continue this schedule.
My sister-in-law is still holding that precious little girl in. Yestarday we got a call, and rushed to the hospital. But, she wasn't in "active labor". She looked pretty active to me! I hate seeing her in such pain and discomfort-but I know it will be worth it. So, we're still waiting. The doctor says that if she doesn't come by Tuesday of next week, and s-i-l hasn't progressed anymore then he's going to induce.
We are all set for our party. I'm going to start getting the food prepared tomarrow. However, I'm not sure how many are actually coming. But, we'll have a good time anyway. Even if it ends up just being the two of us.
Hubby and I have been having a little fun. Remember I told you that he wrote me notes and hid them the other day. Well, I wrote him some. Then he wrote some more. And its been back and forth like a game. This morning I found one proped up against the toothbrush holder complimenting me on my smile. Now its my turn.
I made this bread this past weekend. It was pretty good, but I expected the filling to be more creamy than it was. Next time I have to figure out how to do that. Also I made pumpkin pancakes. I took pictures and I'll share them and the recipe next week.


Jen in MS said...

It feels like fall here too! It was downright chilly tonight!!

I know you are thrilled about your new niece coming so soon! I'll say a little prayer for them!

So sweet about the little love notes between you and your dear husband!

brandy said...

Pumpkin pancakes are so yummy! I'm glad Fall has come your way. :-)

Bethanie said...

Jeninms- thanks
brandy- they were

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