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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Story of Little Miss & her mommy

Hello! My name is "Little Miss". Thats me in the picture. I'm just a half hour old there. And those big strong hands are my daddy's. I made my grand entrance at 4:26 p.m. on October 31st. I only weighed 6lbs 7oz and I was 17 inches long. You should have seen me when I was born. I was a site.... hair all a mess (yes, I have lots of dark hair).
Well, I'll start from the beginning. My mommy and I went to the hospital at 6:00 a.m. She was given some medicine to try and help me come out. Then we were really getting down to business. By 9:00 my mommy was dilated to 3 or 4 and we were given something to ease the pain. My mommy was loopy! I could hear my auntie Beth laughing at my mommy. Around 1:00p.m. My mommy was dilated to 5. She was really hurting so they started an epidural. At 2:00 she was dilated to 7 and I was coming fast. By 3:00 it was time to push. Boy, did my mommy make some noise. I could hear the doctor saying "push,push,push....." I was coming full speed ahead. Every now and then my mommy would scream "I can't do it anymore!" and I was afraid she might give up. But, my Daddy and my Grandma would encourage her to keep going. Soon I was almost out. But, my mommy was tired. I could hear her praying to God to help her, very loudly I might add. Finally there were a few more screams and then... ohp-thats me screaming. I was here. My Daddy cut my cord. They carried me over to the big bed type thing in the corner. Everybody was crying. I suppose they were glad to see me. I could even hear all of the ruckus in the hallway. Apparently my other Grandma and auntie Beth had been listening at the door the whole time. There were several flashes, I learned to hate the flashes. Everybody was so happy! Then, my Daddy left my side and was yelling for another nurse. I could see my mommy from where I was and she was bleeding, a lot. All the sudden everybody was unhappy. The doctor's hand shook as he worked on my mommy. I could hear my Daddy sobbing, this time with fear and sadness. There was a terrible nervousness, of the unknown. Then there was more crying as the news came that my mommy might have to have surgery. For a time it looked like I might not get any little brothers or sisters. I could see my Grandma praying beside my mommy and telling her scriptures. My mommy was very pale and she went to sleep sometimes. Still the blood came. Then they took me away. Down the hall I went. My Daddy came to me in the nursery. In between the crying there was more flashes. He seemed to be both happy and sad. Then there was a giant sigh of relief when the nurse said my mommy's bleeding was under control. More good news followed soon, that there would be no surgery. As my Daddy was holding me for the first time, the doctor came into the hallway. I heard my auntie Beth ask him if my mommy would be able to have more children. When the doctor said yes I could see how happy she was. Eventually I returned to my mommy's room, and I finally got a meal. There was more flashing all the time. The flashing didn't stop for three days. I am the most photogenic baby.
With all of those people around me I knew that I would be loved.
My mommy was weak and sore for a couple of days. We left the hospital Friday and went to my Grandma's house. Then my skin turned a funny color, and we've had to go back to the hospital everyday. If my jaundice isn't better by today I have to lay under a special light. You know what, I kind of liked the color of my skin before.... so pray for me if you think of it.
Well, I guess thats it for now. Its nice to meet you all!


GinnyBerry said...

Little Miss is off to a great start! What a time her Mama had. I am glad that all is well now. I'm sure that her jaundice will go soon too. Sometimes I've heard it suggested to but the baby near a sunny window and let her skin get a little sun. For only a few minutes at a time. That can help. Check with the doctor or baby nurse. Hopefully there is sunlight available.
Auntie Beth, you are going to be a special blessing to Little Miss.

MyHeartIsAlwaysHome said...

Whew! What a story to tell. My third niece was juandice. She was on the blanket for a couple of days. Then she was fine.

Snuggle with Little Miss often. They grow so fast and then all they want to do is wiggle off your lap!

Jennifer said...

Welcome to this world and congratulations! My baby girl had jaundice and laid out on a bili-blanket for a few days at home. It wasn't a big deal. I'm sure it will clear up quite easily. Breastfeeding may make it last a slight bit longer, but it is worth it in the long run. I can't wait to see more pictures.

Tammy L said...

Many congratulations, "Auntie"! :) Thanks for sharing the news and pictures with us. :)

What a sweet little girl, and I'm glad everything at the birth ended up okay!!

Bethanie said...

Thank You!
Her jaundice seems to have cleared up now.

Be Inspired Always said...

Welcome to the world :)


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