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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christmas Decorating Show & Tell

I used to go way over board with decorations. Now, I like to keep it pretty simple.
This is our tree. You can't tell, but I do have lights and ornaments.
This is a little bench and the snowmen and trees are Home Interiors.
The angel Christmas tree is lit, my Grandma gave it to me. I don't recall where I got the coasters, but I've always thought they were cute.

The candel glob is also Home Interiors, I used to sell. The stand is a display case where I keep my porcelan dolls. So, no thats not a real child trapped in there...

This is my nativity scene. My brother made it for me a few years back. I keep it out all year long to remind me and others that celebrating Jesus' birth is too important to limit to one day a year.

And thats pretty much what I've been waking up to since November 25.
We also have two stockings hanging over the door way... I may have to buy another....
But, thats a story for Thursday.
(disclaimer: no I'm not pregnant)
Thursday update: we are still in limbo on this secret subject, hopefully I'll have more to tell on Tuesday.


Leigha said...

We are going to Texas to visit my husband's family for Christmas, so we're not putting up our tree this year since we won't be here to enjoy it. Your decorations and tree look great!

Bethanie said...

I have family in Dallas. I hope you have a good visit.

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