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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Revolation

I just finished reading this post @ pearl's gleanings. She is talking of the desire for marriage, but I think it would apply to any desire. Including my desire for children. I love how she explains it... That if a desire for something gains all of our focus then it has become an idol in our life-removing our focus from the Lord which is where it should be. Instead our desire should be to be in God's will. I know I've definitely made my longing for children an obsession at different times. Its unsettling how the enemy can take something so pure like that and use it against you. The pastor mentioned something about this very thing Sunday, and I've been praying the last couple of days that I would have the desires of His heart, instead of mine. My sinful heart betrays me. Doesn't it feel good when you just "get it".


Brandy said...

That's wonderful, Bethanie! I'd never thought of it that way either. :-)

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