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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

I brought in 2008 exactly how I began 2007- sleeping next to the man that I Love. We did observe one tradition- eating corned beef. I bought some sliced thin at the deli and ate it as sandwiches on fresh french bread. Yummy!
2008 is going to be a year of changes I think. The first one is: I'm quiting my secretary job. Finally, hubby has agreed to let me quit. I'm excited about what I'm going to now. I'm either going to babysit for my niece full-time, or go back to cleaning houses a couple times a week. Just maybe I could start my own Baking business. The possibilities are endless. I'm open to where God is leading me. The down side is I'm not sure how often I'm going to be able to blog. My parents are getting Internet in a couple of days... so I'll be able to get on-line there. I'm going to keep my blog up. I just don't know how available I'll be.
The second change is: We are finally moving ahead with adoption. The social worker will be back from the holidays Jan. 7th. We're going to call and make an appt. to talk to her. I'm excited and scared to death all at once. We know its going to be a long road, but we are finally ready to take that next step.
I hope you have a good year!


Leigha said...

Wow..I'm so happy for you! Lots of big changes ahead, but I hope that you do continue to keep us updated on your blog.

MyHeartIsAlwaysHome said...

Yeah!!!!! I am so happy for you. My heart was so happy when I read that you are ready to adopt. The journey was hard and emotional, but so worth it! I assume that your are doing domestic? I will pray that you receive a match quickly.

May all of your dreams come true in 2008!

brandy said...

Oh, Bethanie, I'm so excited for you! I'll be praying for you and the adoption process. :-D

Lady Why said...

It sounds like wonderful changes are in store for you in 2008! Congratulations on your upcoming adoption!!!

Bethanie said...

Thanks Ladies!
myheartisalwayshome: yes-domestic

Happymama said...

Happy New Year, Bethanie! Sounds like 2008 will indeed bring you some changes. I pray the Lord blesses you in every aspect of those changes!


GinnyBerry said...

I know that God will bless you. Keep your eyes on him. I admire the way that you have handled all of this.

I adopted two of my sons, and it was so blessed!


Mary said...

What wonderful news for 2008! I'm so happy for you guys both in regards to the adoption and your being able to quit your secretary job! What a praise...

So glad you'll have a place to get online, we'd miss you!

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