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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Christmas!

This is the last post I'll do before Christmas.
We've been so busy. We made almost all of our gifts. I've been baking and baking. Yesterday I tried that easy fudge recipe with white chocolate chips- and discovered that it doesn't work. You just never can tell unless you try. I'm making more cookies and hard candy this weekend. I'll post some recipes and maybe pictures after its all over with.
We finally had some snow and ice last weekend. It was the best snow we've had in a couple of years. They are saying we may have more, and maybe even a white Christmas. That would be nice.
While we are all in such wonderful Holiday spirit... don't forget those that are hurting. Its too bad that this time of year can cause so much pain for some. And it seems like trials come during the holidays. Also there are the many families that are separated because of the war. I don't mean to spoil your holiday cheer. I just wanted to remind you that this time of year isn't always great for everyone, and that we need to keep those people in our prayers.
And finally, I think I finally came to a conclusion on how I feel about the concept of Christmas. I've been searching for what God would have me know about Christmas for a couple of years now. Basically, I feel that Christmas is a man-made holiday. Its nice and all. All the decorations are beautiful around my home, and I love the excuse to bake myself into a coma. And I enjoy the emphasis on Jesus, and family. But, Jesus probably wasn't born on December 25th. No where in the Bible does God declare that we should designate one day a year to think of the birth of His Son. No, I think that event (like the death and Resurrection of Him) should be celebrated all year long. Its just too important to belong to just one day. So, I think, all the hoopla about "keeping Christ in Christmas" and santa is evil.... its all nonsense. The fact is that the holiday that occurs on December 25 was established by man, and should be celebrated in secular ways just like 4th of July is man made and celebrated as such. Its great to read of the Savior's birth on December 25th, just like its great to read it on April 17th. I hope this makes sense. I know what I mean anyway.


Mary at Homesteeped Hope said...

Merry Christmas, Bethanie! I can't WAIT for you to post recipes, if you know what I mean...mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!! Count on me bugging you till you do it! ;O)

So when are you going to share about your secret? I'm dying to hear.

Loved the post with all your Christmas decor, we took all ours down today and really cleaned house. Supposed to get another snowstorm in tonight!

Bethanie said...

It didn't pan out... yet. So for now theres nothing to tell.
Merry Christmas! Enjoy the snow.

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