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Thursday, February 28, 2008

A post from Mary on losing a child.
We have another appointment with an agency next Friday March 7th. We're hoping this is the one, as we are running out of options.


GinnyBerry said...

I hope that it is the agency for you, but I do not understand why you are running out of options.

Things change all of the time, and I adopted my over 20 years ago, so my experiences are different than yours.

What my husband and I did was sign up to be on the waiting list for a home study through the county that we lived in in California. At that time the wait for a home study for a child 0-2 was five years. We also considered private adoptions. I also underwent infertility treatments and was on clomid and then pergonal.

I did get pregnant in 1984, that ended in a misscariage at 17 weeks. Such an awful time.

The next year we were at the top of the homestudy list and started to to go through the homestudy process.

We did adopt two babies, but they were related to my husband. We did use the county social program because it was safer, less chance of the adoption being overturned if the mom changed her mind.

That was a wonderful time. Having two babies (11/2 months apart,) after being married for ten years was wonderful.

Then I started getting pregnant, but sadly lost the little ones in misscariages and one premature birth, to a son who died at two weeks old. (Brian) I won't go into all of the details, but that was a very very difficult thing.

Now, years later we think that the misscariages were related to the blood disorder that we just found out about last May.

Anyway, the main thing that I want to say is please don't be discouraged. Consider every open door.

I know that God will bless you.

Bethanie said...

We don't want to go with DCFS because we don't want to deal with the situation of trying to get the birthparents to give up their rights. Going with an agency- the birthparent/s are chosing to give up the child. Also, an agency provides more mediation between the two families.
Oh no, I can't get discouraged. Not yet. This is probably going to be a long process and I'm going to have to have a better reason for it than a rescheduled appointment.
Have you read my inferitility story. They are series of posts intitled "The desire of my heart".
So sorry to hear about your past troubles and losses. Its something that never goes away, but with time gets a little easier. Especially when you know that God was/is in control.

Mary said...

How did your March 7th appointment go?


Bethanie said...

Mary- it got rescheduled until March 28th.

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