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Thursday, April 03, 2008


Sorry I've been away so long. I'm sure by now I've made it off some blog rolls for lack of attention... but hopefully someday I can be more active again. Anywho...
We've finally chosen an agency. We had a meeting with the social worker of our local catholic social services last Friday. We felt very good about it. Her name is Reta. Very nice and very professional. We got a load of paperwork, which I've been working on a little each day. We are getting fingerprinted tomorrow and we have another meeting with her on the 18th to officially apply for adoption. We have to then go to foster care classes, have a homestudy, and create a profile to share with birthmoms/parents, and then wait. Once we have a placement, and the baby comes to live with us, final legal adoption will take 6 mos. We will join the 7 currently waiting couples in their domestic adoption program. We have begun our journey... I'm very excited, hubby is a little intense especially about all the $ signs. I suppose if I was sole provider I would be too. Please pray for us as we go down this possibly long road- for patients, provision, and hope.


MyHeartIsAlwaysHome said...

Glad to hear that you choose an agency. Hoping that your paperwork goes smoothly and you hold you precious baby soon. I am very excited for you!

Bethanie said...

Isn't it exciting!

Heather said...

Bethanie - I know first hand how overwhelming this process can be, but don't be discouraged - Just take it one step at a time! Don't worry about the financial part of it - it is the least of your worries really! God is able to provide all that you need in His perfect time - He will surprise you and bless you in ways you never though possible! Do make you needs known to your church family and keep them involved in the process with you - they can help to share the burden.
I am so pleased that you have begun the journey to adopt - it is such a blessing! May the Lord increase you faith as you wait on Him!

Mary said...

Oh Bethanie, this sounds wonderful! I'm so glad you've found a reputable place...and only 7 other couples waiting, that sounds promising!

Hoping and praying!


Bethanie said...

Heather- thanks for the encouragement!
Mary- thanks for the hope and prayer!

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