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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fighting snakes

I realize just the site of this really scares some people. Like my dad for example. But, it doesn't do much for me at all. I guess if I lived in a region with poisonness snakes that might be a different story. I've always thought snakes were interesting. Most animals seem interesting to me. Most American snakes are not venomous. This snake is supposed to be an Anaconda. Anacondas won't bite you, they just swallow you whole.
Anyway, our pastor talked about snakes today in his sermon. Well, only at the end - but it affected me profoundly. Actually, his sermon was about the basic "be fisher's of men" story. At the end he told a story about a little boy. The little boy's momma told him to go fishing and catch dinner. So, he and his buddy start off for the fishn' hole (our pastor is a good ol' boy from Alabama) and on the way they see a big group of snakes. They start messing with the snakes, and pretty soon it was dark. The little boy had to come home without any fish. His mom asked him why he had come home empty handed and he told her he had been "fighting snakes".
I've been around and around lately about what God's will is for my life. With this story, it became very clear to me. I've been in church all my life, and been a christian since I was 14 - but never did I actually understand what God's will is for my life. His desire for me. I guess I'm really thick headed; I don't know. God's will for my life is to go fishing. Fishing for men. Instead, I've been fighting snakes. I've been putting everything else before His real will for my life. Everything that I think that I want. A perfect marriage, a perfect home, a perfect self as a wife, children. I've used the adoption to overshadow what I should be doing with myself. Simply, I should be telling others about Jesus. No wonder I've been so miserable most of the time. Miserable with the adoption. Miserable with everything. I AM NOT IN GOD'S WILL! Duh!
As God's timing is perfect timing - our pastor is starting a new class on Wednesday nights about how to witness to the lost. I'm going to check that out and see if I can't learn how. I'll be blogging my progress.
If you are fighting snakes - let them slither off and get yourself right with the Lord.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this,And am looking forward to the fallow up story.

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