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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

My new best friend

Introducing ~~~~~

my new best friend
isn't she gorgeous!
Last Friday night, while we were giving our cat a bath in the kitchen sink our old stove made a weird popping noise and then it seemed that it was done serving me. Over the weekend we discussed our options. We could have bought a nice used one from some friends of ours. We could have bought a hot plate until we could save some money for a new stove. We could have just used our microwave and outdoor grill for a while. But, we decided to go ahead and purchase a new stove on credit. We got it with no interest and no payments for a year, but we will pay that off in a few weeks when we get our tax return. Anyway, we got it home and hooked it up and it didn't seem to be working either. We started to consider that there was another problem. Hubby discovered that there was a fried wire in the wall outlet. So, I guess we really didn't need a new stove after all. However, we've decided to keep the new one. The old one was very, very old. It probably wouldn't have lasted much longer anyway.


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