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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sarah's Laughter (IF Support)

I've been getting emails from this site for about a week now.  It is really uplifting and I encourage all who are delaing with infertility and/or child loss to check the sit out.  Here's an excerpt from the email I got today:

"The three Hebrew guys were thrown into a furnace because of their unyielding worship of God. Imagine the jaw-dropping moment when the king looked inside and saw four men walking around unhurt, and ordered the men to step out of the flames. But what if they had refused to come out? If the Hebrew boys had stayed in the flames when God stepped out, they would have been annihilated and utterly destroyed. His presence in that furnace that day assured them that they were safe and secure. They were in His care and no weapon formed against them—not the threats of the king, not the flames of the furnace—would prosper. The same God they trusted to walk with them through the fire was the same God they trusted to lead them out of the fire! He remains that trustworthy today as you experience the fires of infertility!"

They are also hosting a Live chat Friday @ 8:00 cst.  You can learn more about that here:


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