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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I really liked this post by missionary-mom:
I don't know everything! What a relief!
I am not really a talented person. I can sing, but not impressively so. I am not an athlete. You get the point. But I did think that I was smart. I got good grades. Knowledge is good thing. But it can also lead to pride, and then to the terrible realization that I really don't know everything.I read once that the most humbling thing in the world is to realize that you are average. I am terribly average, and yet I longed to excel. Now, I realize that I will never be a great singer, writer, artist, anything. But I can excel. I can excel in my prayer life. I can excel as a wife and mother. I can excel in humility (is that possible?)I used to want to excel to be noticed. Unfortunately this desire still exists. I must surrender this desire to God. God wants me to excel "behind the scenes" so that all the glory is for Him. It must please Him when I admit that I don't know everything. He's probably thinking, "Now shes beginning to learn!"Thank you God for noticing me. R


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