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Monday, August 07, 2006

Pretty pic. and more

I came across this picture and I loved it. There just something about a certain color sometimes.

Oh we were soooo busy this past weekend. Friday was pretty tame we went to bed fairly early. But then Saturday is just a blur to me. I got up early that morning thinking I would make a nice breakfast. Instead we had cereal. We were expecting some of my family. My aunt, her daughter, and her daughter were flying in from Dallas Tx. Also my uncle and his wife were coming from Chicago. They were to be at my grandparents house around noon. We got there around 11:00 and noone was there. In fact, my grandparent's breakfast was sitting on the table half eatin. We went over to my mom's house and a couple minutes later my Grandpa called from the local emergency room saying my Grandmother was bleeding from her stoma (she had parts of her intestines removed long ago). So we waited and waited to find out what was wrong with her. They never did find anything. Finally the family made it. We visited and ate-vistited and ate some more. I was so tired when we ended the day. Sunday we had a family reuion (which is why all the family came). It wasn't too hot. We had bunches of good food. I saw a bunch of people I don't know and probably won't remember next year.


Bethany said...

It is a pretty picture! :D And you have been busy. Whew! But isn't it wonderful that God gives grace in spite of the busyness?! My family and I just got home from another ministry trip, one that was very busy as well. Now it is raining today -- the perfect time to snuggle into our house again and do some baking. Yum, yum!

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