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Monday, September 11, 2006


I doesn't seem like it could be five years. I remember most of all the shock. I wondered around aimlessly, not knowing what to do and only being able to watch more. It was numbing.
I've thought a lot this morning about what a post about this day. Right now, as I type, I'm listening to the names being read. They are just on the H's.
What a beautiful morning it was. I've heard that a lot. I guess it was nice weather all over the country. At the time my husband and I were living with my parents. 9 monthes into our marriage we were booted out of our trailor house and were left without too many options. My parents fixed up their attic, and we had been living up there for a little more than a month. My husband was working 3rd shift. We slept during the day and lived at night. My mother called us early that morning. My husband answered the phone. She told him to turn on the t.v. That history was being made. I had gone to the bathroom. He had only read the headline "America Under Attack". As I was coming out of the bathroom, he met me in the hallway and told me what it said. It was terrifying. There was so much that we didn't understand, and the media were changing the story every 5 minutes. Nobody seemed to know for sure what was going on.
Its interesting that 100s of miles away something was happening that was affecting us. Americans all over the world felt it. The sadness was personal. I didn't know anyone that died that day. The grief was not just for the families of those who parished, but also we grieved the loss of the security and comfort of our prior reality.
I begged my husband not to go to work that day. Everything seemed out of place and nothing seemed normal. Anything could happen. He works in a major distribution center. A company that this country believes it can not live without. As far as I knew planes could be flown into that building too. I still worried about it this morning.
Right now a trumpeter is playing "Just a Closer Walk With Thee".
I needed to be with someone with whom I felt safe. Hubby went to work. I got in my little red '93 Ford Tempo that I had since I was 16, and drove into the next town to get gas. The owner was just getting ready to change the price when I pulled up. That nice man allowed me to have it for the cheaper price. He told me that it would be going way up. But, he said that he would close up rather than go up to $3.00 a gallon. That was the last time I got gas for a decent price. I filled up and payed him the $18.00
I drove on to the next town, where my mother worked. She had just gotten back from snatching my little brother out of school. He wasn't able to speak. He still doesn't talk about it. I can't imagine what it was like to have delt with all that in a public school classroom. He had a baseball game that afternoon. My mom and I went. His team wasn't great that year. There were several new freshman. They played their hearts out that day and won. My mom has it on tape. She was tapeing him that year for scoutes and college teams.
Finally later that night I was able to be with my protector again. He came home early because much of their in coming products had been re-routed back or stalled by check-points. I was so happy to see him.


MInTheGap said...

I was actually at work on a phone call with a customer or something talking work related things when I heard. I wasn't able to get on the Internet News so we all went to a big TV where I saw the towers fell in real time.

My wife was at home and actually saw the second plane hit, I believe.

It was all very surreal and Hollywood like. It showed me just how desensitized I had become because I was expecting the buildings to fall the whole time.

Mary said...

My mil called me from her cell phone asking me if I'd heard, she'd heard it on the car radio. At that point, it was just the first plane, and as I turned on the tv I saw the second plane hit. I felt the exact same way as was very surreal...seeing the people jumping for their lives.
Karen Kingsbury wrote two really good books about it all, Christian Women's Fiction called, One Tuesday Morning and Beyond Tuesday Morning. Her description of what it might have been like (from a Christian's perspective) being trapped on the upper floors right before the collapse was something to behold. Those are my two favorite books by her...and she's a great author.

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