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Monday, April 09, 2007

Marriage Monday-Nagging

Today's subject is nagging. Something I've done a lot of before.
I don't recall ever hearing my mother really nag at my father. She tells him to do something, and he does it. My husband, however, is not so easily bent to my will. As you can about guess, I figured he would be just like my dad. When it turned out he was not there to serve my interests, and I wasn't used to it, we had much conflict. Thankfully, I did eventually get over myself. Now, I just do it. I would much rather, for example, take out the trash myself than nag at him to do it. He's a busy man, and theres no reason why he should notice that it is getting full since I'm the one throwing out the egg shells and such. But, when he does notice I'm thrilled.


Christine said...

I have learned to do little things myself, too, rather than expect too much of Jason in his busy day. He's so willing to help but doesn't always see things when or how I see them. That is not his problem, it's mine, when my expectations outweigh reality! Thanks for posting Bethanie!

Nise' said...

Great post. Its funny how we are surprised that our husbands aren't who we thought they were! Congratulations on winning the thinking blog award!

Jenny said...

It's great to see how you have grown in your relationship. I agree, it is wonderful when they notice those little things and do them for us:)

Bethanie said...

Christine- I used to make such a big deal about those little things. When I see something I usually think, "Man I wish he'd do that." then I remind myself to consider if I can at all possible do it myself. Of course there are somethings I can't do because I'm a girl-but I've discovered that those things rarely go unnoticed by him. So it all works out.
"nise'"- thanks!
Jenny- I'm glad you commented.

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