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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday

click on pic for more WFMW

I'm going to try this Works For Me Wednesday thing:

I've posted about this razor before here
I have been using them for over a year. They are disposable, but they work really great. One will last about 20 shaves before I have to get a new one. I only shave my leggs every 3-4 days so they last a while for me. I've never cut myself, and they shave really close. I'm not sure on the average price- but I never buy anything expensive so they can't be that bad. Next time your in the market for razors check it out.
No, Gillette isn't paying me to say this. I really like them.


Mary said...

I use the same razors...and you're right, they do a great job and last quite a few shaves!

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