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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Life Changing Moments

Here's my list of Life Changing Moments:
  1. Being Born- my mother had a hard pregnancy, then we went through 30 hours of labor before they finally took me out via C-section. Just a few more minutes and one or both of us could have died.
  2. My brother's birth- he was born when I was 2. One of my earlist, possibly my first, memories is going to see him and my mother in the hospital. I wore a care bear t-shirt. We were best friends.
  3. Death of my Grandfather- when I was 5. His death caused changes in my life at that time and also for the future.
  4. Moving to the country- after my grandfather died. We moved into my grandparents home, living with my grandma. Then my grandma moved into town to an appartment. We, however, ended up staying in the country for 15 years.
  5. My Dad's lay off- around the same time for 2 years. We ate a lot of bologna. It was a very hard time for my parents.
  6. Mom's menopause- she was diagnosed premenopausal at 35, it has been difficult on all of us.
  7. Womanhood- when I was 11.
  8. God's Saving Grace- when I was 14.
  9. Buying our home- 2002
  10. Raising our neice- for a time she stayed with us every weekend and sometimes weeks at a time. I'm so greatful for having that oppurtunity.
  11. Inferiltiy Diagnosis- 2003
  12. Secretary Job- I'm still at it.
  13. Mia's death- we still miss her.
  14. Reading CTBHHM- finally knowing God's purpose for my life.
  15. Failed Adoption- 2006 a few monthes before I started blogging.
  16. Brother's Pregnancy Annoucment- Their child will be so loved

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It is so nice to meet you and getting to know you better. Hope you have a very nice day. connie from Texas. You are welcome to come visit me sometime if you wish.

Jen in MS said...

This is what I love about others sharing their top life moments. Now I feel that I know you more. I had no idea about your infertility and the adoption falling through. Thank you for sharing the things that make you YOU!
It is hard coming up with 10. I should have made mine the top 20 as well!


Sharon said...

Just stopping by to say high.

Bethanie said...

Connie, Oh but I have visited- I guess I'm so guilty of "lurking" and I don't realize it sometimes. I enjoy your blog very much and I'll comment today.
Jen-thanks for coming up with the subject. I enjoyed getting to know you better too.
Sharon- Hi!

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