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Friday, May 25, 2007

Marriage Monday Topic

The topic for this coming Monday is:

It's a holiday weekend! So in that spirit our topic on Monday will be vacations, dates and other times away. Here are some questions to ponder this weekend:

  • Do you take vacations as a family, with just your husband, or both?
  • What are those vacations like? Do they wear you out or refresh you?
  • Do you schedule regular date nights? If so, do you talk about your children (if you have them) or have a children-free-conversation rule?
  • Do you have family out of town and if so, how often do you visit them? Is it stressful or relaxing to visit?
  • How do all these things affect your marriage relationship?

I have Monday off work, so I'll have to post mine on Tuesday.


Happymama said...

Well, let's see....

We take a yearly vacation as a family, however, hubby and I sometimes slip off for a weekend. It's usually something with our church and it's always refreshing. Physically and spiitually.

We don't schedule date nights because of his work schedule, but we do go out once a week. You'd be surprised at the time needing to be caught up on in one week. Even if we don't have the money to eat out on, we'll get an ice cream and just sit and chat. Or even walk around Wal Mart. LOL But it's time together.

We don't have a children-free conversation. Actually, we use some of our date time to discuss many topics in our lives. Our children being one. Since I'm with them the most, it gives me an opportunity to fill Bruce in on what's going on in their lives and discuss things that need to be addressed.

We usually don't travel during any holidays. Since our family is all in this area, there's no need to plan a vacation to see them. Of course, our lives are so busy sometimes, maybe we should. (half joking there)

I think our date night is the one thing that affects our marriage the most. If it weren't for those times, getting closer to each other, I would imagine that vacations and holidays would be more stressful. Honestly, for the most part, we have stress free visits and vacations.

Sharon said...

Like the change in your blog--nice colors.

Anna S said...

Hi Bethanie! Did you change the layout of your blog? I love the picture you have now under the blog header (sorry if this is a bit off-topic...)

Bethanie said...

happymama- we walk around in Walmart alot too.
Sharon & Anna- thanks for noticing.

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