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Monday, June 04, 2007

My Weekend In A Nutshell

I spent the majority of my weekend in the hospital. Friday my Grandma was admitted. Then Saturday they brought in my Grandpa. (my mom's parents). My Grandma has been having some emotional issues lately. I guess my Grandpa got so worried over her, that he had a mild heart episode. Grandpa was realised Sunday morning, and Grandma should get out this morning. Sitting in a hospital is exhausting.
Friday evening we visited hubby's cousin and kids. Saturday morning we went to another local festival (around here theres one every weekend) and our favorite niece joined us. We hadn't spent any quality time with her for probably a year. We were thrilled. She and I got air brush tattoos.
Oh, one more thing- Stevie's up to 3 eggs layed now. She's being a real good mommy.


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