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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

photo from flicker
Aren't they beautiful. I love morning glories. My grandma used to grow them.
My weekend was good. My birthday was nice. My husband took me to my favorite restaurant for lunch and we had friends over for dinner. Sunday we went to Bedford In. for a Ham Radio Festival. My husband recently got his Ham Radio license. I was so proud of him. Besides radio stuff, they had many other odds and ends. I bought some homemade natural honey.
Yesterday I did some cleaning. I've got a list of things I need to do before our Autumn party. I'm spreading the tasks out so that they don't interfere with my everyday work. I washed windows, widow seals, and curtains. Also I dusted walls and ceilings. Those swiffer brooms are good for that task.
Today is the day for my brother & sister-in-law. Starting today, if she goes into labor they are going to allow her to have the baby. Her due date is Nov. 1st, but they've had to stop her labor 2 or 3 times in the last couple of months. There are 23 days between now and her due date. What do you say we make this interesting. Sort of like a pool. No money wagered, but just for fun. What day do you think my sister-in-law will go into labor? Keep in mind that she's having a girl and shes been carrying low every since last Sunday. Leave your guess in comments.


Leigha said...

You went to Bedford, Indiana?! Do you live close to there? I live in Evansville, which isn't too far away. That's pretty cool.
Umm, my guess is October 21st. Hope everything goes well for them. Keep us updated!

Bethanie said...

I live in Illinois. I live about 2&1/2 hours from Evansville. Around here, people occasionally go there to do real shopping at the mall and other stores. It took us 2 hrs. to get to Bedford.

MyHeartIsAlwaysHome said...

How funny that you were in Bedford this weekend. I was there for my family reunion Saturday. We went down on Thursday night and stayed until Sunday at Spring Mill Park in Mitchell. I love Mitchell! I would be so happy to build an "old" farmhouse in that area.

Let's see... baby girl will come on October 23rd.

Mary said...

Hey, Leigha took my guess! I was going to guess the 21st because that was my first due date with the girls...maybe there's something about the 21st??? Hoping and praying all goes well for them...I know you're terribly excited!

Happy birthday late! So glad it was a good one with hubby.

Bethanie said...

Its a small world isn't it.
The 23rd and 21st are good guesses.

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