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Thursday, January 24, 2008

2008 Election-Hillary

I'm not really a political person. I think its all pretty silly. But, my husband expressed to me recently that he would like me to vote. When I renewed my licsense last fall, I registered to vote. I'm the kind of person who takes things like this seriously, if I'm going to do it. So, I'm going to be talking about it occasionally. The Illinois primaries are in just a few weeks. Heres who's running. I don't know much about the candidates. As I learn about them I'll share what I think. To be fair, I'll go through each candidate; even Hillary. Here's where you can find out what she stands for. However, I'm not really interested in even reading about her myself. I already know that I'm not voting for her simply because I believe the president shouldn't be a woman.


GinnyBerry said...

I'm not sure who I am voting for yet, and our state primary here in California is on Friday. I better get busy today and look at my ballot. We have several propositions on the ballot, and it gets very confusing. A yes can mean no, etc.

I do urge you to consider all of the choices, though. Learn as much as you can about all of the issues.

Our country needs informed citizens more now than ever. And there are a lot of very serious issues to consider.

Wobbly Librarian said...

Yes, we need a good person to run our country! Your opinion matters- look at the Bible and see all the women who made a difference.

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